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Jul 7, 2021

Recorded May 8, 2021

Join us as we enter a world of pure imagination with our special guest, Wyatt Duncan! On this episode, Barney the Purple Dinosaur makes his 1998 feature film debut in box-office bomb/alleged embezzlement scheme Barney’s Great Adventure. Barney sings and dances his way into the life of Cody, whose imagination and sense of childhood wonder needs a swift kick in the ass. Between musical numbers, Barney and the gang go on the titular “adventure” to figure out something about an egg. Isn’t that exciting? We also take a trip into the everlasting world of Anti-Barney Humor; Wyatt shares his reaction to “Barney’s On Fire,” a song widely misattributed to Weird Al Yankovic, who happens to be the subject of Wyatt’s limited series podcast Straight Outta Albuquerque!

Is Anti-Barney humor a valid form of entertainment? What lies inside the mysterious rainbow egg? And who the hell let Barney change the baby’s diaper??????????

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