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Oct 20, 2021

Recorded October 10, 2021 | Edited by Evan

Mister Audience, you could have listened. We gave you all the files.

On this episode, join The Fellas as they celebrate the fourth anniversary of the American theatrical release of the Scandinavian crime thriller The Snowman! You may remember the infamous poster but The Fellas remember every single moment of this two-hour cavalcade of nonsense.

Join belligerent alcoholic Harry Hole, on his quest to put together the pieces, as well as the filmmakers, on their quest to put together the pieces. Sedated performances, sadistic photography, manic editing, and more! You can’t force the pieces to fit... but we do our best for you, the beloved fans.

Who is the mysterious Snowman Killer? Will Inspector Harry Hole be able to bring an end to his savagery? Wait… Inspector what? His name is what?????

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