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Aug 20, 2021

Recorded May 27, 2021

Well howdy there, pardners! Who’s ready for a rootin’ tootin’ revenge western to git yer blood a-pumin’?

Well, too bad. We watched The Warrant.

All this and more on Bargain Binge - the last bastion of physical media and your wallet!


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Aug 11, 2021

Recorded May 12, 2021

A long time ago on a forest moon far far away… The Bargain Fellas are joined by Ruthie and Dodge of The Ladylorians Show! The Gang discusses the mostly forgotten 1980s Ewok Adventures television specials: Caravan of Courage and The Battle for Endor. Look who’s talking now! Wickett is back...

Aug 4, 2021

Recorded May 31, 2021

On this gluttonous episode of Bargain Binge, The Fellas take a 6+ hour dive into their first DVD multipack and examine the career of Adam Sandler with “The Laugh Out Loud 4-Movie Collection!” That’s right, there’s all your favorites (or not): 50 First Dates, Click, Big Daddy, and...