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Sep 23, 2021

Recorded July 6, 2021 | Edited by Evan

It’s time for a new gimmick here at Bargain Binge, as if there weren’t enough already! This Spotlight September, the fellas take some time to acknowledge some of the most infamous bad movies of all time. This week,  Bargain Binge pays homage to one of the most squirmy, hateful movies to ever grace the silver screen: Gigli! Bennifer Aflopez star as two guns for hire who are tasked with kidnapping and babysitting a man with some mystery intellectual disability. Antics ensue as the three traverse the wacky world of Los Angeles crime and meet a few familiar faces. And by antics, we mean “are miserable assholes.”

What made Gigli one of the biggest bombs of all time? Which is better: penis or vagina?  And WHEN ARE WE GOING TO THE BAYWATCH?

All this and more on Bargain Binge - the last bastion of physical media and your wallet!


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