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Oct 31, 2021

CW: Sexual Assault - Our discussion of Werewolf Island contains brief mention of rape/sexual assault scenes portrayed in the film. If you prefer to avoid this topic of conversation, it starts at 01:00:31 and ends at 01:03:01.

Recorded October 10, 2021 | Edited by Dylan

It’s Halloween, so it’s time to get spooky!...

Oct 13, 2021

Recorded September 26, 2021 | Edited by Dylan

Do you know what time it is? That’s right, it’s the spooky month! The Fellas are getting in the mood this season by looking back at the Halloween Franchise and its many iterations. Since 1978 it’s been a staple of the slasher genre but sometimes it’s also been a...

Sep 15, 2021

Recorded July 6, 2021

Bargain Binge is back and ready to raise some shell! The fellas make a triumphant return to the big screen with backup from Daniel Gallegos of Three Act Thirsty as they take on their new foe Krang from Dimension X. With support from Shredder, mad scientist Baxter Stockman, and lovable goofballs...

Aug 20, 2021

Recorded May 27, 2021

Well howdy there, pardners! Who’s ready for a rootin’ tootin’ revenge western to git yer blood a-pumin’?

Well, too bad. We watched The Warrant.

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Aug 4, 2021

Recorded May 31, 2021

On this gluttonous episode of Bargain Binge, The Fellas take a 6+ hour dive into their first DVD multipack and examine the career of Adam Sandler with “The Laugh Out Loud 4-Movie Collection!” That’s right, there’s all your favorites (or not): 50 First Dates, Click, Big Daddy, and...